Hello fans of CBY, and others who may be reading this blog.. I wanted to personally welcome you to the mind of the two yoginis who have endeavored on this labor of love we call Cherry Blossom Yoga πŸ™‚

This blog will serve to broaden our sense of yoga community by allowing you to peer into the thoughts and feelings about our personal practice, yoga philosophy and etiquette, meditations.. and extending into our personal lives including ahimsa-focused recipes, perhaps a knitting project or two, and anything that tickles our yogic fancy. So share the posts with friends, and spread the yoga love!

To kick off, I’d like to introduce myself a little. I am one-half of a elite crime fighting team..oh wait, that’s Charlie’s Angels – lost myself for a moment (it happens). I am one-half of a yogini-sister duo. As a yogini, I practice Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. I strive to make meditation a daily practice, but realistically it’s more 4-5 times a week. I believe Pranayama to be of vital importance to an asana practice, and feel that the individual practice of Pranayama should also take place in addition to asana practice. I’ve been practicing yoga since 1997 – introduced to me by one of my former dance instructors. I began with a Vinyasa-style practice, and then in 2005 I plunged into my first Ashtanga class..and have since been hooked! As a sister, I share in this business with my other half, Johanna. Together we practice patience and Ashtanga, we cook and bake, we knit and drink tea, and of course, we laugh. As a woman, I’m a former scientist who left at the end of graduate school to pursue a dream, a passion, a love greater than I could contain within the walls of my skin. I knew for a long time my path wasn’t meant for science, but it took a long time to admit it to myself..but I finally did.. and now here we are!

A teacher of mine once told me, “If you want to cut back on your yoga practice, become a teacher. If you want to eliminate your yoga practice, open a studio.” I didn’t know how true those words were until we opened the doors to CBY this past March. As the months have rolled on, my asana practice has dropped off from daily to a few times a week. So hopefully this blog will help me get focused on my personal practice again.. But as with everything in life, things must change to evolve. So perhaps my practice is less on the mat, and more off the mat these days (isn’t that why we practice anyway?). My daily practice is now filled with nurturing the studio, the students who grace the studio, and my own spirit in the process. Just because my daily practice isn’t filled with physical vinyasas to clear the slate, perhaps it’s filled with mental vinyasas to clear the ‘stress of small business’ slate πŸ˜‰ And I get on the mat as much as possible..