Some of you know me already, but to many of you, I am a phantom presence.  I’m Sara’s sister, Jo, the other half of CBY’s ownership.  I’m sure you’ve heard Sara talk about me, or quote me.  I can’t guarantee that she’s always accurate. 😉  But now that we have the blog up and running, I have the chance to speak myself, even when I’m not in Houston.  It surely has not escaped your attention that I don’t spend much time at the studio.  I live in Alexandria, VA, in the DC metro area.  I have a job.  It does not involve yoga.  😦 But, someday it will.  I know it!

I practice Ashtanga yoga.  I started off with a Mysore practice 3 years ago, and it was a revelation.  I know that other people find value in taking different types of yoga, but for me, Ashtanga is all I want and need.  It is endlessly challenging, yet improvement is rapid with regular practice.  It definitely appeals to my scientific mind, with the repetition of the same sequence each time, a focus on precision, and the large impact that subtle changes in your motion or placement can have on a posture.  There are also things to measure in a Mysore class:  the addition of poses to your practice, the length of time your practice takes, the number of breaths you hold each pose for, the distance between your pose today and the full expression.  I love measuring things.

Ashtanga also makes you feel good.  I know that other yoga classes make you feel good, too, but ashtanga is different, for me at least.  I’m euphoric afterwards.  I think part of that is because it is very challenging, and after each practice, I feel like I’ve accomplished something incredible.  Especially under the guidance of a gifted teacher, you can do things that you never thought possible, and how many aspects of your life is that really true for?

Ok, that’s enough proselytizing about ashtanga for now.  Any yoga is good yoga!  I hope you enjoy our new blog.  I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better, and letting you get to know me.