“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~Lao Tzu

Humans tend to hold on to something or someone, even when all they (or it) bring(s) our lives is tragedy and pain. Just as a tree willingly lets go of the leaves in Autumn, we need to learn that even though something has been an integral part of our lives for whatever length of time – whether it is something beneficial or harmful – there comes a time when we need to let go. There is no telling who we will become, who we are truly meant to be…until we let go of the limitations, the labels, the self-imposed restrictions we place upon ourselves.

It wasn’t until I let go of certain notions I previously had of myself, certain expectations I imposed upon myself, certain qualities I forced myself to possess..that I finally allowed my true self to blossom from within. While something like that can be scary, through yoga and meditation practice I strengthened my ability to see the excitement of change – the opportunity and possibility of the new.

There are many visuals that can embrace the idea of letting go – releasing a caged bird, the leaves falling from the trees, a gentle exhaling sigh. A photo taken by my father, I feel, embraces the duality of remaining strong while letting go.. the delicate balance it requires to see that holding on beyond necessity actually weakens us.

courtesy of Gypsy Dancer Gallery

The dew drop, clinging with strength and suppleness, travels down with the assistance of gravity to the tip of the leaf. The dew drop does not resist, but allows gravity to nurture the path the dew is destined to follow.Β  As the dew releases its hold on the leaf and the leaf releases its hold on the dew, the separation of these two entities allow the memory of formerly crossed paths to emerge and remain, but not dominate the new path. As the dew is now received with a splash by the Earth, it returns to nourish and quench the soil from which the entire plant (and by extension the leaf itself) emerges. If the dew fails to let go, the Earth remains dry and over time will wither, leaving no nourishment for the plant. By holding on beyond its proper time, the dew ultimately deprives itself of greater, more fulfilling life. It’s easy for a dew drop to let go without regard.. it has no central nervous system, and thereby no mind telling it to hold on. If we can let go of the mental blocks and fears that continually tell us to hold on, don’t let go, then perhaps we can experience some new life – nourishing ourselves and those around us in the process. Perhaps even nourishing those whom we wish to continue clinging, giving them an opportunity to take our nourishment and share their energy with the world.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” ~Hermann Hesse

Be strong my fellow yogis πŸ™‚