“Selfishness, if but reasonably tempered with wisdom, is not such an evil trait.” ~Giovanni Ruffini

There are good yoga classes, and bad yoga classes. I define a good class as one where I can focus inward the entire time, upon myself – a bad class.. when there is unending distraction (whether through my own lack of focus, or the class itself is unfocused). Don’t get me wrong, even bad yoga is good. I still feel good coming out of it physically, but the mental tidy is not there. The main reason I practice is for the mental tidy. For the rare selfish time I get to spend with myself and only myself (spending 90 minutes listening to my body, listening to the subtle cues of what’s going on in my throat, heart, liver, intestines, hips, knees, soles of my feet, pinky toe knuckle..all of it.. I WANT TO HEAR IT!) I practice for the rare time I get to remain a student these days, not the owner of a studio, not the instructor.. I crave to remain a practitioner as well! Maintenance of practitioner status is the only way I feel I’ll grow as studio owner and instructor. While I loved my practice (so much so I chose this path), I feel in a small ‘unbeknownst to me’ way, I took my practice as solely a student for granted, and now crave the “getting lost in the breath”.. letting the world melt away and experience everything that I share with my students as an instructor. But in order for me to continue sharing my entire being..going in wholeheartedly, I need to be able to be selfish. Even as a student, I seem to be occasionally pulled into ‘instructor’ or ‘owner’ mode these days.Β I know it sounds, well, selfish.. but I think in this world you need to be selfless with yourself so you can be selfless with others..and that means, at least to me, being selfish and taking time just for you. Give over completely to yourself, and let your Self hoard a small portion of your undivided attention. Whatever that task may be, golfing, hiking, painting, singing, jumping on the trampoline.. whatever it is.. indulge in yourself for a small window of time, and don’t let anyone (including yourself) distract you from yourself for that designated time.