Sara is one-half of a yogini-sister duo. As a yogini, she practices Ashtanga Yoga. Sara strives to make meditation a daily practice, but realistically it’s more 4-5 times a week. She believes Pranayama to be of vital importance to an asana practice, and feels that the individual practice of Pranayama should also take place in addition to asana. Sara began practicing yoga in 1997 – introduced by one of her former dance instructors. She began with a Vinyasa-style practice, and then in 2005 plunged into her first Ashtanga class..and have since been hooked! As a sister, she shares in this business with her other half, Johanna. Together they practice patience and Ashtanga, they cook and bake, they knit and drink tea, and of course, they laugh. As a woman, she’s a former scientist who left at the end of graduate school to pursue a dream, a passion, a love greater than she could contain within the walls of her skin. Sara knew for a long time her path wasn’t meant for science, and it took a long time to admit it to herself..but finally did.. and now she’s here!

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